"Gavin Kirkbride made me one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture I have ever owned: our family dining table. It's awonderfully warm coloured oak table with his signature Lily on the central post and a Tudor rose in the centre. It's a joy to use, we've seated twelve around it on special occasions. It's more than a table - it's an heirloom for the future."

Philippa Gregory


I was commissioned by the developers of aDarras Hall House
large house on Moor Lane, Darras Hall, to
create a contemporary solid oak entrance door. At over 8ft high and 4ft wide, the door was constructed using traditional methods and
fitted into an aluminum frame. The door was completed with the hand carving of the Lily trademark on the inside.
A very unique door for a very unique property in the land of the premiership footballer.
The 5 bedroomed house is currently on the market and can be seen at:

Gavin and his daughter, LillieThe birth of a daughter inspired carpenter and cabinetmaker Gavin Kirkbride to take stock of his life and start his own business.

Gavin knows his trade - he spent 15 years with the world-renowned 'Mouseman of Kilburn', Robert Thompson's Craftsmen Ltd, in Kilburn, North Yorks, making bespoke furniture featuring a hand-carved mouse on each piece.

After daughter Lillie was born, Gavin used his savings to start Lily Handmade Furniture . Taking a tip from his former employer, he finishes each piece of bespoke furniture with a hand-carved lily.

Welcome to my news page. Here you will find news & information about Lily Handmade Furniture and what furniture I've recently been making.

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